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Mister Golden Sun

Friday was CJ’s preschool graduation ceremony. After his entrance his classmates proceeded with a dance and song, but CJ just didn’t want to have any of it and only stood for a minute before walking off to us. Grace and … Continue reading

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#2 Dad

On Saturday it was forecasted to rain all day so I didn’t really plan to do much with the kids, but the predicted rain went down to 0% so I decided to venture out in the morning and right when … Continue reading

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High Leg Kick

An updated video of how well CJ rides his scooter…so confident and free.

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I’M HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!!! Last year was the first time such a type of teacher rating was implemented doing away with the ancient S/U ratings and creating a four tier ineffective, developing, effective, and highly effective scoring system. I scored an … Continue reading

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The Hall of Science Science Science Science

One of our good friends gifted us with a family premium NYSCI membership which allows free or half off discounted admission to almost 200 various children’s museums around the country. So on Saturday, since Grace was working and took the … Continue reading

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Godzilla vs Piggy

I’m so proud of my son. This is him at his best entertaining himself with nothing more than two incompatible figures and his limitless imagination. It doesn’t get better than this.

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You Gonna Pass Me?

Today was the last day of classes before regents weeks begins. This year wasn’t so easy for myself because of EJ’s many needs and someĀ of my students being unmotivated upperclassmen. I reached many lows throughout the year not really caring … Continue reading

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I Heart Stairs No One Ever Said

So after seven weeks, my building’s elevator renovation was completed on Monday, two days before schedule which is surprising in this day and age. It’s definitely nice and modern, but we’re just thankful that we don’t have to trek down … Continue reading

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I watched all three Mel Gibson Mad Max films way back when I was a teenager when WPIX channel 11 used to view movies every Saturday afternoon, but I was never really a fan of any of them. The premise … Continue reading

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Sliding Siblings

This was one of the rare moments that we were able to catch CJ and EJ sort of playing together nicely. At one-year old, EJ is quite the daredevil as she loves to go up chained nets, on swings and … Continue reading

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