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Grillin’ Like A Villain

The weather yesterday on Sunday was amazing, 60’s in February, #globalwarmingisreal. So I broke out all of the sports equipment and the kids kicked it around in the backyard. Then I decided to break out my new grill and fire … Continue reading

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The Pilot

Yesterday I woke up to a cold house. I programmed my thermostat to turn on my old furnace at 5am every morning to give it some time to begin heating the house so that my toilet seat won’t be too … Continue reading

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El Nico

12 inches. Lots of 12 inches. The kids played with Grace in the backyard as I cleared our corner property of the snow. Thankfully I had the wisdom to purchase a snowblower (snowthrower) on the cheap way back in August. … Continue reading

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Car Time Before Bedtime

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Sick Of My Old Phone

I caught a nasty cold last Thursday night and it took me all weekend and yesterday to recover, but I’m still not completely better. Well, to cheer me up and because my birthday is around the corner, Grace took me … Continue reading

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So one of the most important questions I’ve always had as a father is when to start letting CJ play real video games. As a gamer, I wholeheartedly advocate for the use of video gaming as an educational and growth … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

My son loves to sneak in some candid photos of me whenever I nap on the living room sofa. I think he’s a pretty good photographer for a five-year old. This kid has got some skills.

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Johnny Drain

I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn’t think it’d start three months into house ownership. A few days ago the drain pit in the basement that houses the main water trap began to fill with water whenever we … Continue reading

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OMG…we’re finally done! Completed last Wednesday, we’re so relieved and thankful to be done with renovations and finally get the chance to settle in for real. No more dust and Asian men walking through my house with tools. Although the … Continue reading

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I Murdered Mickey Mouse

And I’m a rodent hunter too! LOL! So yes, I most definitely didn’t want to post this either before closing on the apartment, but our apartment was housing a mouse for a few weeks. I just couldn’t catch the damn … Continue reading

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