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Long Straw

So CJ’s pneumonia has turned into aggressive pneumonia. On Tuesday morning Grace called the pediatrician informing him that he was still getting fevers every five hours and his coughing wasn’t getting any better after three days of new antibiotics. The … Continue reading

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Sadly, CJ is still sick, but now with pneumonia. We think his flu lasted a few days earlier last week and he then developed the pneumonia immediately afterwards. Quite the transition. He still has fevers every six to ten hours … Continue reading

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Bite Guard

So after almost a two year hiatus, I decided it was finally time for a dental checkup and cleaning. Yes, I’m terrible at going to the dentist because I have sensitive gums and I’m embarrassed of my yellowish teeth. But … Continue reading

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So Sad

Yesterday we went to apply for EJ’s passport and these are the two best photos we got out of the entire ordeal. Someone suggested going to the Hallmark store on Austin Street which cost $2.99 (for each!). Of course she … Continue reading

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Kalahari Indoor Water Park

¬† Last Saturday we took a day trip to the Kalahari: Spa & Convention Center in the Poconos. We chose this particular indoor water park because it’s relatively new compared to other parks as it opened up last July, one … Continue reading

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Daddy Daddy Daddy

With me having the week off from work because of mid-winter recess, I suppose it was the best time for CJ to catch the flu. Like most flu’s, CJ has fluctuated with fevers as high as 103.5 and then chills, … Continue reading

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Happy Happy Birthday!

Wishing my beautiful wife a wonderful happy birthday today! I’m so proud and thankful for Grace who is an amazing nurse practitioner that helps the sick, a partner with me in serving the good Lord at church, a wise and … Continue reading

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The Batman Cake

I really didn’t expect much yesterday. I just selfishly prayed to God that all I wanted was an easy, no stress and no drama day. Well, it basically started off with a bang…my co-workers in the program office surprised me … Continue reading

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I’m 35?!

This is me the night¬†before I turned 35. I am officially old, lol! My youth has fled and been replaced with two kids, slow legs, and gray nose hairs. At least I can still give myself a nice 2000’s haircut … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Quest

So sending CJ to private school also comes with the exciting task of selling chocolate to fundraise money. Yay. For what? I have no idea, but everyone practically knows that selling at church is a quick way of getting rid … Continue reading

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