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I’m Sick

Today CJ stayed home from school because he wasn’t feeling well and had a fever. He rested and slept for most of the day and towards the end he was feeling a little bit like himself. Advertisements

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Sick Of My Old Phone

I caught a nasty cold last Thursday night and it took me all weekend and yesterday to recover, but I’m still not completely better. Well, to cheer me up and because my birthday is around the corner, Grace took me … Continue reading

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Doctor Suhu

I cut my thumb the other day and EJ wanted to make sure it was healing up properly by making sure its heartbeat was functioning well (and please ignore my wife’s sleepy face). She’s going to make a great healthcare … Continue reading

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Earlier today I fell down the stairs at home. I had just gotten home from work, gone upstairs and changed into my sweats and socks, and then proceeded to walk down the stairs. Well, after the first top step all … Continue reading

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So CJ has pneumonia once again. He’s been coughing the past few days with one fever per day, so we took him to see a doctor today and he was diagnosed with what we feared most because pneumonia is what … Continue reading

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So my little girl has a 103 degree fever. I immediately noticed that she was warm when she got got up this morning and she had been cranky all day with a fever. This is sort of new for us … Continue reading

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Ring Around The Rosie

Yesterday the kids were singing and playing Ring Around the Rosie, that circle dance thing, and then EJ started crying profusely. She kept saying her right wrist was hurting and she kept it cradled in her lap. We put ice … Continue reading

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No More Ouchies

Sorry for the lack of updates and for the last post. The whole family has been tired from everything and I accidentally queued up my last post before this one. In any case, CJ is much better and was discharged … Continue reading

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Long Straw

So CJ’s pneumonia has turned into aggressive pneumonia. On Tuesday morning Grace called the pediatrician informing him that he was still getting fevers every five hours and his coughing wasn’t getting any better after three days of new antibiotics. The … Continue reading

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Sadly, CJ is still sick, but now with pneumonia. We think his flu lasted a few days earlier last week and he then developed the pneumonia immediately afterwards. Quite the transition. He still has fevers every six to ten hours … Continue reading

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