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Sometimes in life you come across one of those rare moments when you’re at a crossroad between you and a friend. You have the choice of showing that you’re really a good friend or just an acquaintance. These moments embody … Continue reading

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Cancun 2014

After being delayed an hour at LGA because of snow… and rushing through Atlanta International Airport to catch our connecting flight… we finally arrived in Cancun.¬†We were greeted with hot, muggy air, and a random bag check by security, but … Continue reading

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I wanted to post my Cancun entry this morning, but I didn’t have time to complete it so my cute son will have to do for today’s post.

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9 LFCC Men

Yesterday my church celebrated its 14th anniversary. This October, Grace and I will have attended Living Faith Community Church for ten years and it’s been amazing to be part of such an awesome story and journey that God has set … Continue reading

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Urban Jungle

Every kid likes to have their own fort and play hide-and-seek, and I’ve always wanted to get CJ one of those tent-tunnel contraptions, but they run $65 and up. They’re really extravagant, but way too expensive for just one kid. … Continue reading

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Snow Boy

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No No

This is my family.

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My ROBOCOP (Reboot) Review

Normally, I am with the minority in actually welcoming reboots of old 80’s and 90’s films such as the Dark Knight Trilogy, the new Star Trek films, X-Men First Class, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Total Recall. I believe that with … Continue reading

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I made my very first grilled cheese sandwich the other day. I’ve been trying to limit my lunch intake, so besides lean cuisine lunches, I figure I give a crack at some old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches. I used two slices … Continue reading

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Another One

Although really busy, I stuck to my commitment and didn’t cancel the weekly anime club meeting, for it would have been disastrous and regretful to have canceled my own surprise birthday party, lol! I was really touched as I had … Continue reading

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