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I just finished reading Orson Scott Card’s 1977 novel Ender’s Game. In short, the sci-fi novel has an intriguing lead character and the author is able to pull the reader in with mundane and pointless simulated games that overshadow the … Continue reading

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Ghost Town

So the wife and I planned to go to Woodbury Common Premium Outlet last Saturday way before Hurricane Irene was announced. As it turned out, Saturday was quite ideal. While everyone was preparing for the big storm, we drove up … Continue reading

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One of the most enjoyable things that we did in Asia was to go to church in Seoul and Hong Kong. Aside from some theological differences, it was amazing to be able to worship with strangers on the other side … Continue reading

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Chin Han

So that tall building in the center is the structure that Batman flies into in The Dark Knight to apprehend Lau in Hong Kong, and the pointy building to the right of it is the building he jumps off from. … Continue reading

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Did You Feel That?

I was watching an old episode of Breaking Bad on my PC when I noticed my monitor shaking. I thought it was construction from outside, but it sounded a bit too far off to cause any rumbling. I leaned back … Continue reading

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Asian Observations

This post is long overdue because I could not produce a daily entry for each day that we were in Asia. So the following isn’t a pictorial diary, but is a list of my subjective and bias observations about Seoul … Continue reading

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Good Eye

This past weekend was my 5th season playing tournament church softball. I love playing softball. Unlike professional baseball, softball games are erratically unpredictable because of everyone’s amateurism, and therefore very exciting and fun. Yet, there’s a bigger disparity between professional baseball and … Continue reading

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So our 14-hour non-stop flight to Seoul, South Korea was quite the experience, nothing terrible, but an adventure nonetheless. We flew out of JFK for a 12:50am departure with Korean Air. We’ve heard much praise about this airline, but had … Continue reading

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So last Saturday I walk into this Exxon Mobile gas station to fill up and buy a few bottles of water before heading out to paintball. As I enter, I was greeted by the kindest gas attendant I’ve ever met. … Continue reading

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Christopher Pike

This is my sixth summer working at a test prep academy in Flushing, and most likely my last since the baby is on its way. I love working at the academy because the kids are really smart and motivated, far … Continue reading

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