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I Am My Father’s Son

Regular price = $3.39, sale price = $2.50. With six bottles I saved $5.34. I wish I was as coupon savvy and ruthless as those extreme couponers on TLC. I really don’t understand how one can purchase hundreds, even thousands of dollars … Continue reading

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I went to the Glee concert at Nassau Coliseum and I must say it was an amazing experience. The set design, atmosphere, and performances were spectacular…but I think it’ll be my last time attending an event surrounded by screaming teenage … Continue reading

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Blockbuster’s deathdealer is Netflix, and Netflix’s and Gamefly’s deathdealer is…Redbox? Nah, digital streaming and downloading will continue to explode, but Redbox will forever have its niche for those who are reluctant to commit to a monthly subscription. But what’s equally … Continue reading

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Nikon D3100

Can’t wait to buy this baby for our trip to Asia…1080p video (but only 24 fps)! Someone told me to go buy a point-and-shoot camera instead…do I seem that inept to people these days?

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Asia for $100, please.

South Korea and Hong Kong, returning to the maiden voyage to the motherland.

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IA 0611

All of ten months worth of hard work, stress, yelling, disrespect, tiredness, perseverance, worry, joy, and career identity boils down to simply 39 questions. Unbelievable.

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You Made This?!

On the last day of classes, the dean’s office had a finger food party and I made fried ravioli using my sister’s deep fryer. It was quite delicious, and the contraption was a delight to use compared to simply using a … Continue reading

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I Hate Sharing

One of my co-workers was absent recently and his student comes in and says that he purchased two slices of pizza for the absent co-worker because he gave him money for it earlier in the week. Since this particular gentleman … Continue reading

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Paper Fans

So as the school year begins to wind down, I’ve become quite busy lately, which has had a negative correlation with the frequency of my posts. In any case, I was tasked this week to create my academy’s awards ceremony program. … Continue reading

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Some relief on a hot day after work.

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