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No More March

As March closes out, I can say goodbye to an uneventful busy month. I can’t really recall doing anything eventful, but I think the half-marathon training, and then the foot injury that prevented me from running, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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I just returned from tonight’s parent-teacher night conferences and normally I get very excited as I get to meet the parents who raised my students and tell them what their child is really doing in my classroom. But I guess … Continue reading

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Happy 7th Anniversary!

Seven years, wow! I’ve been so blessed to be married to such a gospel-centered and beautiful woman. The past seven years have absolutely been the best seven years of my life, and I’m sure having two kids will make the … Continue reading

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One of our favorite couples is moving down to Texas. I wrote in their card that they’re great friends and truly exemplify Christ’s sacrificial love. The card only allowed me space to write about four lines, but what I really … Continue reading

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Painting Water

I think he was more enamored with the blue water than his painting.

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Pain Management

Just like my last run right before last year’s Tough Mudder, it took me three runs before being able to get into painless running form. My half-marathon is on the 22nd and I only started running last Friday and as … Continue reading

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These are the people who I work directly with on a daily basis in my school’s programming office. And yes, I’m the only guy, and Asian. The woman doing the choking is my boss who taught me everything I know … Continue reading

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This kid wouldn’t let me take a photo of him with his sunglasses on, so I tricked him with a video.

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