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Poopie Baby

I don’t normally post on a Saturday, and if I wanted to I’d queue the entry for Monday. However, today was very monumental within the Suhu family as CJ finally, after 2 weeks, had a major bowel movement. He wasn’t … Continue reading

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My DRIVE Review

*WARNING…the above trailer is basically a summary of the entire film, watch at your own risk. I liked this movie. It has a nice 80’s retro feel and it’s different and fresh, or rather gritty, in light of today’s modern … Continue reading

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Gong Hay Fat Choy

The Chinese New Year isn’t a big thing for me. On Monday,┬áit took me an extra second for it to register with me whenever someone wished me a happy new year. I suppose I’m more Americanized than most Chinese-Americans. I … Continue reading

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[You like my ghetto MS Paint skills? I love how I covered up the guarantor, but the name is in the title…lol] So I have a balance of $0.22…practically finished paying off my education loans. Yay. A bit anti-climatic after … Continue reading

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The Worst Thing About This Job Is That Nobody Says Thank You

I like being a teacher. I didn’t always feel that way, but now I do. I want to say that I love being a teacher, but I’d be lying in the midst of an imperfect and flawed profession. I think … Continue reading

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Uncanny Suhu

Me, February 1981 CJ, January 2012 The first photo is of me most likely less than a month old being held by my grandfather. The following two photos is of my son, CJ, the moose. It may be a bit … Continue reading

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2012 Preview

Last year was huge. This year will be huge. Every year is huge. Unless truly superficial and playful, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because most, if not all things, are heart issues, so I can’t understand how individuals … Continue reading

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My 2011 Year-End Review

2011 was a pretty eventful year…ha, when is any year not? Moved into our new apartment and sold our old one = that was nuts, but the good Lord knew we would eventually need it. Many of my students passed … Continue reading

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CJ in Motion

CJ reacts to the orange/blue bee-ish butterfly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…LOL! Oh man, this kid is sooooooooooo cute!

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CJ vs The Bee

4 days old, and CJ already has great hand-eye coordination. His mobility skills are astounding as he’s able to use his arm as a tool to fight for his life against this dangerous foe. In the end he shows great … Continue reading

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