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The 7-Hour Battery

The following is an account of one of the most non-life threatening stressful experiences of my life earlier this week. [9:00 am] I park in this exact spot so that I could escort CJ to school. Although I am to … Continue reading

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Oh…Did I Hit You?

Yesterday as we unloaded our kids from our CR-V in the school parking lot before service, our car was hit by someone who was pulling out and wasn’t supposed to be parked in the parking lot. Yes, our parked car … Continue reading

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My Favorite Place

I recently took CJ with me to get a standard oil change for our car. And at this particular establishment the customer is treated to a “free” car wash, so I knew CJ would enjoy this. And since the oil … Continue reading

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Predator Parking

It’s pretty difficult finding parking in the morning in the heart of Flushing. I try to give myself at least 30 mins to find street parking and sometimes that isn’t enough time and I end up wasting gas and paying … Continue reading

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My REAL 2012 Review

So I realize that my previous post was more of a checklist to see if I accomplished that which I set out to achieve in 2012 and not a real review of what I experienced in 2012. So to finish … Continue reading

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No Baby Will Be Named Sandy for Decades

DAY 1 – MONDAY As Sandy was scheduled to make landfall at 8:30pm, our apartment lights began to sporadically flicker at around 4pm as winds picked up. It started to rain around 5pm, and that’s when we began to frantically … Continue reading

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Had to take the car in this morning for its annual state safety/emissions inspection. For the past two years I’ve been going to Manner Motors in Astoria because they’re cheap, timely, and most importantly honest and trustworthy, plus they’re Chinese. … Continue reading

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I’ve only begun to realize that I think I have an obsession with machines, more specifically, weaponized machines. I’ve always loved anime films and the fantasy and sci-fi world that they were able to create and open, way before the … Continue reading

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