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Daddy Day Care

Last week I spent 4 full days home with my two kids as I had the week off, Grace was working, and my mother-in-law was vacationing. It wasn’t as stressful as I expected because the time flies from playing, to feeding, … Continue reading

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Common-Core Training

With CJ on his way to pre-k in September, his preparation is constantly on our mind. And I didn’t know this, but a friend informed Grace and I that pre-k has its own common-core standards. What?! How is that possible? … Continue reading

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Split Rock Water Park

On President’s Day, we traveled back to the Poconos for some warm-weathered water fun. We drove up Sunday night and then had breakfast at Piggy’s Restaurant, the only great breakfast place up there. It’s a small pig themed hidden gem … Continue reading

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CJ’s Chair

Grace went to CJ’s first parent-teacher conference yesterday. I really didn’t think it was necessary, but I was surprised by all of the things they had to say that weren’t in this letter. His painting strokes have progressed to lines. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Wifey!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife! So being seasoned, busy, and with kids, both Grace and I take our birthday celebrations in stride, meaning low-key, or doing next to nothing. Coupled with the fact that our birthdays are sandwiched between … Continue reading

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Contrary to popular belief, EJ does know how to laugh and have a good time.

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My 34th Nameday

Yesterday, one of my co-workers made whoopie pies for my office birthday party. They were good, but the leftovers actually tasted better the second day. And a few of my students surprised me with this cake and a few cards. … Continue reading

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34 Years

Oh man…I’m old. Hitting 30 wasn’t bad at all as I actually didn’t mind it. Even up to 33 I perceived myself as still in my prime, ha! But I think I’m now settling into my twilight, and I’m sure … Continue reading

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