#2 Dad


On Saturday it was forecasted to rain all day so I didn’t really plan to do much with the kids, but the predicted rain went down to 0% so I decided to venture out in the morning and right when we got outside…it began to rain so we went back inside. It stopped raining around lunch time and we ventured out after eating and of course…it starts to rain. Later on it stopped raining again and I got the craving for some Buffalo Wild Wings self-Father’s Day celebration, so we went out one more time, and although it ended up raining, the kids were content and we all had a wonderful chicken and fries dinner together. With all the rain, I went a bit nuts and broke out these anime hats to play with.

IMG_1489 (1)

CJ colored this wonderful card for me at school…yet I don’t think he gave me a hug, lol!


I was actually pretty impressed with this simplistically modern design.


I ended up kissing CJ 10 times.


Grace got me this awesome selfie-stick that I’ve been wanting so badly because we rarely get good family photos of the four of us together while out and asking a random stranger to take a photo of us is more miss than hit.


CJ just couldn’t get his hands off it.



This is exactly what I wanted it for.


When we got to church, I was handed this t-shirt and I was quite baffled by its message, but I suppose it was well-intentioned with God being our #1 Dad.


It was muggy on Sunday, so after church we went over to my parent’s house and the kids got to play in the pool.


In and out, in and out splashing all around.


EJ was a little timid at first, but at least she didn’t run out of the pool.

IMG_1543 (1)

In the end both kids enjoyed their personal water world.

IMG_1556 (1)

More selfies.


Although jam-packed and exhausting, it was a fun Father’s Day.

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