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No Quiero Taco Bell

I watched World War Z last week with my sister and I think it was the very first time ever that the two of us made a concerted effort to exclusively hang out with each other. I’m eight years older … Continue reading

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No Bullies Allowed

My last day at school yesterday wasn’t carefree, but pretty stressful and I actually got upset at some people. The program office was buzzing with a ton of printing going on in which we had three printers running at the … Continue reading

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Zombie Circles

I did my second run last night and although I’m happy that I was able to run for a longer distance, I was in a ton of pain. My calves were killing me half way into my run. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Batman Has Bad Theology

Pastor Peter Ong has been asking all of the elders and deaconate of King’s Cross Church to share their testimony with the congregation on a weekly basis. Yesterday was my turn and I must say, it was quite the journey. … Continue reading

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My Sister’s Master’s Graduation

Today I went to Lincoln Center to attend my sister’s graduation from NYU: Silver School of Social Work. She worked really hard to get her masters. Kristen with herĀ longtimeĀ friend, Gersende. Family photo. My proud parents. I think my stomach is … Continue reading

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You Get 100, You Get 100, You Get 100!!!

Last week was teacher appreciation week, as well as nurse appreciation week which is quite interesting and ironic to say the least. In any case, last Thursday I went straight to my teacher mailbox after moving my time card and … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2013

On Saturday we had dinner in Brooklyn with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate with my grandmother. My aunt, mom, and sister all came wearing the same jacket…quite the fashion show. My wife woke up Sunday morning to … Continue reading

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Today my blog is two years old. I sort of thought I would slow down and drop off the face of cyberspace like most other would-be bloggers, which did happen for a few week-long stretches here and there, but I’m … Continue reading

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6 Years!!!

We’ve been married for six years. Not long by most standards, but relatively long for most people around our age. Feels like we’ve been married forever, but we’re still growing in our relationship each day and refining each other to … Continue reading

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Even this late in the school year my geometry students continue to impress me. Last month we finished up the transformations unit and I gave them a project that involved taking an object and performing a dilation with it by … Continue reading

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