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We were at the Gap the other day and we ran across this awesome Batman sweater for CJ. It was pretty expensive, but we had a 50% off coupon and I just couldn’t resist. Also, I didn’t want CJ to … Continue reading

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The House of Zhu

On Saturday, our King’s Cross Husband & Wives community group had our inaugural Thanksgiving dinner gathering. This is Popeye’s pre-cooked cajun turkey, my go-to potluck dish each year. I just add half a cup of water, bake for 2.5 hours, … Continue reading

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Hot Pot Birthday

Last week was my uncle’s birthday and for the first time ever, me, my sister, and our cousins (from my dad’s side), took him out for dinner. Uncle Ging makes it a priority to always hang out with each of … Continue reading

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Fun Factory

Aside from pbs videos, CJ somehow discovered this youtube channel titled DisneyCollectorBR of a woman who reviews various Disney toys and such, and he loves watching her Sesame Street video reviews of Play-Doh products that involve Elmo and Cookie Monster. … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the first meeting for my school’s newly formed anime club. I was initially approached to be the student advisor by one of my former students, but I declined because I can’t make the weekly meetings that they wanted … Continue reading

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Drummer Boy

For a 22-month old kid, I think this is pretty good. CJ’s coordinated and he has an innate nature of being systematic organized. Too bad some naive dude on praise team had to distract him 🙂

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I’ve decided to run the All-State Half-Marathon in March. I think this will be my big event for 2014. What’s appealing is that the 13.1 mile course is in Flushing Meadows Park and a friend sent me a $20 coupon. … Continue reading

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I See You

CJ loves to play on our bed and hide underneath the covers.

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I finally caught a video of CJ saying mom, dad, and what a cow says, although his moo’s are more oooooooooo’s.

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I’m so proud of my wife. When we first joined King’s Cross Church, her role was a bit undefined as it was believed that she would be taking care of CJ most of the time. However, since the first service, … Continue reading

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