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Frozen Synapse is managed by a group of independent video game developers that group their games into bundles in which buyers set the price that they want to pay. From a penny to thousands, buyers can pay for bundles of games … Continue reading

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I love bread. It’s one of the earliest, simplest, and most basic forms of food since the beginning of time. It’s reliable and fulfilling, never failing to satisfy the pains of hunger. In college, I’d purchase freshly baked whole loaves … Continue reading

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My BATMAN #1 Review

Every comic fan knows that titles are released every Wednesday. A few weeks ago I wanted to purchase DC’s Detective Comics #1 (which is really a Batman title), but I waited until my week was finished on Friday to trek … Continue reading

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I wish browsers had a button which when clicked upon opened all of one’s favorite websites at once without having to leave them open before last closing them. When talking to others about film, comics, video games, or such, they … Continue reading

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I love post-apocalyptic films, cinematic stories that portray the breakdown of society and the destruction of the dullness of everyday life that this world has to offer. As the great Joker says in the Dark Knight, “The mob has plans, … Continue reading

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I’ve only begun to realize that I think I have an obsession with machines, more specifically, weaponized machines. I’ve always loved anime films and the fantasy and sci-fi world that they were able to create and open, way before the … Continue reading

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When I meet new people, I’m always asked how long I’ve been teaching and it’s been more shocking to me to hear myself say that this is my 9th year. I really can’t believe it. I suppose it’s a combination … Continue reading

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I remember showering and getting ready for my 9:40am class. I was about to leave when I noticed that two of my suitemates were sitting in the living room watching television. This was odd because no one watches tv on a weekday morning in … Continue reading

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Summer Review

Son Elite Academy Seoul, Jeju, and Hong Kong RunningRoots softball tournament (finally hit a homerun) YF-19 model Paintballing Ender Young Adult small group This has been the most eventful summer ever. I totally enjoyed my time off and being able … Continue reading

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Arm Bands

Went to High Velocity Paintball out at exit 64 on Labor Day because admission ($25) was free, so I only had to pay for $15 all-day air and paintballs. I love the fields there because of the various mockups they … Continue reading

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