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Five Fish

I was hoping for his ABC’s first, and he’s almost there being able to recognize, identify, and recite about 75% of the alphabet, but I guess he caught on faster with his numbers. CJ can actually count up to eleven, … Continue reading

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We got EJ’s blood checked again on Tuesday and thank the Lord that her bilirubin level went down from 19.4 on Sunday to 16.8 which is an excellent decrease in two days. Grace took her to see the pediatrician yesterday and … Continue reading

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Bubbling & Kiting

On Memorial Day, I took CJ to our church BBQ at Alley Pond Park in Oakland Gardens. CJ wanted to desperately play some volleyball and he actually sat on my lap to watch an entire match. But he kept gravitating … Continue reading

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We’re really happy to have EJ home with us, but things have been a bit overcast because after a routine checkup and with the recommendation to check to see if she has jaundice, her bilirubin level had shot up to … Continue reading

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The Puzzler

Despite our new addition, we make it a priority to make sure CJ gets some quality time from his parents. My uncle gave this puzzle to CJ, but I thought it would be too difficult for him because we’ve never … Continue reading

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EJ Going Home

Me after sleeping at the hospital overnight. Waiting patiently to be discharged.

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Friends & Family

Elyse had many visitors bless her with their presence. Grace’s Dad traveled all the way from Florida to see his granddaughter and family. Grandfather with his grandkids. Grandma Oh. First brother and sister photo…and the rivalry begins. So precious. An … Continue reading

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EJ Suhu

Elyse Joy Suhu was born yesterday, May 18th, at 5:30pm, 7 pounds and 19.5 inches. She came 10 days early and the delivery and labor were relatively quick compared to CJ’s. Grace did a fabulous job. That’s not my nose. I … Continue reading

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Like most boys, I’m a huge Godzilla fan. I remember my dad introducing me to the 1985 Godzilla film and I was hooked. Who doesn’t like big giant monsters? I forget which major holiday it was, maybe Independence Day, but … Continue reading

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What’s This Used For?

I haven’t had a working public library card since the end of high school. My school librarians registered the entire staff for a special library card, with our own printed names on the back, that allows us to borrow entire class … Continue reading

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