The Hall of Science Science Science Science


One of our good friends gifted us with a family premium NYSCI membership which allows free or half off discounted admission to almost 200 various children’s museums around the country. So on Saturday, since Grace was working and took the car with her, and it was going to be a warm day, I took the kids to the Queens Hall of Science which is a quick 15 minute bus ride and a two block walk for us.


Although CJ has been on a yellow cheese bus before, this was his first time on a public bus. He was getting a little impatient waiting for its arrival so he made me get on my phone and “call” the bus to inform it that we were waiting.


Quite the experience for him.


We arrived 5 minutes after opening and headed straight for the outdoor playground so that CJ wouldn’t have to run around in it when it was hotter later in the afternoon.


He loved watching that yellow softball device.




He wanted to rest and snack.


Playing their version of Operation.


EJ loved the indoor play area.

IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1380


Anti-gravity ball.


CJ seems to be enamored with computerized interfaces. He spent a good amount of time navigating this map.


Unfortunately this thing was broken, so he really couldn’t race.




They moved the bubble exhibit upstairs.


I think CJ finally got the hang of this.

IMG_1399 (1)

It so happened that our visit coincided with the Mama Expo which was situated on the main floor. There were vendors ranging from healthcare to toy inventions to a party and clown company.

IMG_1402 (1)

While EJ napped, CJ made us stand in line for a balloon sword.

IMG_1403 (1)

He ran straight to this blue elephant and picked a fight.


Testing out some homemade play-dough.


And of course back to the playground with the sand pit.

Although it was a bit difficult with just myself and the two kids, especially traveling by public transportation, we all had a lot of fun as we stayed for close to four hours and can’t wait to go back and just hang out in the indoor play area.

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