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I’ve actually been doing some spring cleaning with my toy inventory and have concluded that I need to get rid of some of my action figures. I have a lot of cool, but useless junk that still has value and … Continue reading

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What’s This For?!

On Saturday after dropping the wife off at work, CJ and I headed over to my parents’ house. It was a really nice day outside, so we decided to let CJ play in the backyard. As CJ ran around my … Continue reading

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Preview: Show Them Grace

CJ has essentially learned to say no by either shaking his head or looking away and giving us a short squeal comboed many times with a swift swipe of his hand. This has been helpful to us in which we’re able … Continue reading

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Burger Wars

That should be a Food Network reality cook-off show, but I digress. I recently had Shake Shack for, I think my fifth time, and I believe it’s growing on me. I’ve always been an ardent Five Guys supporter because of … Continue reading

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[No Title]

Last night CJ came down with a fever. He woke up crying three times and ended up sleeping in our bed. He was mostly okay today and was actually in good spirits, but the fever returned right before bedtime. Right … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten to the point in the geometry curriculum where I have to teach logic, reasoning, and two-column formal Euclidean proofs. I surprisingly felt comfortable and did well in teaching my students about logic, p’s & q’s, and all that, … Continue reading

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Suhu Cuts

The wife does a pretty good job of cutting CJ’s hair and he did well to sit still while she sculpted her artwork in 15 minutes.. I’m genuinely impressed as I’d trust her cutting my hair 🙂

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The above is what I was greeted with upon entering my classroom this morning. That and also desks, chairs, and various items were moved and messed around with. At first I thought it was a bunch of students since I … Continue reading

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Turks & Caicos

So almost on a whim we decided to take a trip to some place warm and relaxing. Aside from Maui, we’ve never been to an exotic island and we didn’t want to fly too far with CJ, so we chose … Continue reading

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