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This morning I drove my wife and a friend into Manhattan. We left at 7:20 and as expected from 1010 Wins, we were immediately hammered as we got on the LIE. We were going at a reasonable pace given that … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

So Sandy came and went and thankfully we’re safe and unaffected, but unfortunately there were over a dozen deaths throughout the East coast due to the hurricane. For once, Mr. Bloomberg made the right call with closing the city yesterday and today, and schools … Continue reading

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Coincidentally, a fly decided to invade my home, and since my venus fly trap is relatively small and seemingly unable to attract the fly, I decided to capture it myself and feed it to my carnivorous plant. And so with … Continue reading

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How To Train Your Dragon

To all my blog readers…a special preview of things to come.

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I love parent-teacher conferences. It’s a great time to meet parents and reveal the truth to them about how well or how poorly their child is doing in my class. Some parents are too busy or naive to know what … Continue reading

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Joel’s Carnivorous Plants

I love my apartment, but one thing that I detest about my building is the unending cycle of flies that congregate in the basement. They’re just so nasty, they could be carrying around some type of disease. Since it’s warm … Continue reading

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The other day I went down to do laundry and all of the machines were full. I took note of the remaining times and returned when two machines were scheduled to have finished their loads. As usual, the owner didn’t … Continue reading

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Thanks to a friend I ran into at the comic-con, I was able to purchase two exclusive comics: Batman #13 with a Joker cover instead of a Batman one, and Justice League #1 with a white variant cover. It was … Continue reading

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New York Comic-Con 2012

So after 4 years, I was finally able return to the annual New York Comic Convention at the Jacob Javits Center. When it first arrived in 2006, it wasn’t popular at all with only 33,000 people attending, but I remember … Continue reading

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Religion Vs The Gospel

This past Sunday, October 14th of 2012, was the official launch of King’s Cross Church, a congregation of Living Faith Community Church, PCA. 10am morning prayer meeting. Someone’s not praying. CJ’s first time in nursery, and the first time in … Continue reading

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