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CJ dipping and eating corn chips and salsa. Advertisements

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Village People

Yesterday, we went to the local YMCA that’s located a block away from us on Yellowstone Blvd to register CJ for a health and fitness class. And no, it’s not because he’s chubby. We want him to have more opportunities … Continue reading

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Short Shorts

In preparation for my tough mudder event in a few weeks, I ordered real running shorts from Dick’s Sports. After two nights of research, I ended up choosing 4″ Nike shorts. It was between this pair or 5″ shorts, but … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Birthday

Grandma’s 79th birthday on Saturday. Great time with family.

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I use for all of my classes. It’s very much like facebook, but for students to discuss their school work. This is my first year using it and fully integrating it with my classes, and it’s already paying dividends … Continue reading

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Can’t Wear Croc’s All The Time

After many months of trying to find CJ a new pair of sneakers, including a couple of returns, we finally settled on these Puma’s. Not only were we looking for a design we both liked, but we also wanted to … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I took CJ to the park and I already knew he loved the swings, but I never knew he likes going so high. He was practically parallel to the ground.

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Carol and Wilson Park graciously invited us and two other families from LFCC to dine at their home last night for a wonderful dinner filled with ribs, brisket, apple-potato salad, Asian salad, pureed fruit, and mochi ice-cream. The food was … Continue reading

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You Get an EpiPen, You Get an EpiPen, You Get an Epipen

My dad sent me an article about legislature concerning schools receiving free EpiPens as more and more kids are developing food allergies, specifically 1 in 13 kids, an all-time high so far. I really hope this law gets passed on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Tonight, we celebrated our mom’s birthday at Ippudo Westside in midtown. We’ve been to the original and more popular Ippudo establishment downtown near St. Mark’s place. I think part of the hype comes from not taking reservations and closing their … Continue reading

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