Mister Golden Sun


Friday was CJ’s preschool graduation ceremony.

After his entrance his classmates proceeded with a dance and song, but CJ just didn’t want to have any of it and only stood for a minute before walking off to us. Grace and I tried our best to prep CJ for the performance, but he’s just too aware of everyone watching.

005 009


CJ’s teacher, Ms. Berky. She played an important role in welcoming CJ and making sure he felt safe at school.


CJ’s favorite assistant teacher, Ms. Aisha.


We arrived with one and we left with two CJ’s.


It was a hot day and we just couldn’t get CJ and his best friend to pose for a photo.

IMG_1428 IMG_1439 IMG_1443

We celebrated with the Au’s with some dim-sum and we were greeted with a dim-sum check-list menu. This completely threw me off as the restaurant didn’t have any of the carts rolling around so I couldn’t visually pick and choose. I ended up figuring out what we wanted, but pictures would still be helpful.


Almost there.



After napping, we went back out to cool off at the park.

IMG_1454 IMG_1458 IMG_1579

CJ has way too many toys, so we opted for a couple of books about his favorite thing…car wash!

He really had a difficult time with separation, but the good Lord answered our prayers and CJ completely embraced school and has grown so much from the experience. Grace and I are so proud of our little boy!

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