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So one of the most important questions I’ve always had as a father is when to start letting CJ play real video games. As a gamer, I wholeheartedly advocate for the use of video gaming as an educational and growth … Continue reading

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Why No More Posts No One Ever Asked

I’ve been extremely exhausted the past couple of weeks from parenting and school work. So instead of posting, I took an unexpected break and all I’ve been doing is bingeing on one video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But I think I’m … Continue reading

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NYCC 2014

Like last year, this past weekend I took some time to treat myself to five glorious hours at the 2014 New York Comic-Con at the Jacob Javits Center. The floor opened at 10am, but I left early to accompany my … Continue reading

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Although I haven’t played Street Fighter in years, and given all the advances and iterations, I probably can get beat by a ten year old right now, I still have fond memories of the video game and thus it has … Continue reading

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No More March

As March closes out, I can say goodbye to an uneventful busy month. I can’t really recall doing anything eventful, but I think the half-marathon training, and then the foot injury that prevented me from running, and a bunch of … Continue reading

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My goals to achieve for 2014: Go paintballing at least once. Finish reading Give Them Grace. Not get sick next winter. Lose 15 pounds. Read the Bible at least four times a week. Watch the new Godzilla movie at the Fresh … Continue reading

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Honor Heaven

This past weekend we went on our church’s annual retreat upstate at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. This was the view from our executive suite. CJ sleeping during Friday night’s message. We were blessed to listen to the spoken word … Continue reading

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I most likely will not be able to accomplish nearly half of what I want to do, but with my 75% success rate for 2012, it just may be possible to achieve more than a few of my goals. Lose … Continue reading

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I’m a little disheartened that my PS3 discovery has been for naught. To recap, I’ve always wanted a PS3 and I found one in the basement of my apartment building back in August. I did my research and there seems to be … Continue reading

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I’m not a Bond fan simply because its origin is from a time before mine. In terms of spy and action films, my generation grew up with the Schwarzeneggers,  Stallones, and Van Dammes of the 80’s along with the Mission Impossible … Continue reading

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