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Mommy Finger Where Are You?

So cute! Advertisements

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The Hip Hopper

This makes me smile.

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Ring Around The Rosie

Yesterday the kids were singing and playing Ring Around the Rosie, that circle dance thing, and then EJ started crying profusely. She kept saying her right wrist was hurting and she kept it cradled in her lap. We put ice … Continue reading

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Dancing Airplanes

Yesterday, CJ’s class had an airplane performance in which they sang two songs. CJ made a wonderful costume and was proud of his propeller hat, but Grace and I were relieved that he at least didn’t cry. Progress 🙂

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CJ’s Holiday Musical Performance

Yesterday, CJ’s school had their annual Holiday Musical Program where all the kids put on a short show of singing and dancing to holiday tunes. Grace and I were uber excited, but Grace remained cool-headed as she said there was … Continue reading

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Drummer Boy

For a 22-month old kid, I think this is pretty good. CJ’s coordinated and he has an innate nature of being systematic organized. Too bad some naive dude on praise team had to distract him 🙂

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I’m so proud of my wife. When we first joined King’s Cross Church, her role was a bit undefined as it was believed that she would be taking care of CJ most of the time. However, since the first service, … Continue reading

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So of course setting up our son’s baby room would require some new furniture. You’ve already seen the crib from two posts ago, so here before you are some construction photos of the dresser from Ikea, and the finished product … Continue reading

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