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Happy 3rd Birthday to Captain Elyse!

Happy 3rd birthday to my cute little daughter! She gives me a lot of headaches, but she makes me laugh so much. I’ve always said I wanted one boy and one girl, and I figured the girl would be a … Continue reading

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Our 28 Hour Ten Year Anniversary Getaway

This past weekend Grace and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary with a quick overnight trip into Manhattan. We stayed at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel on 32nd Street. With the top floor terrace it was probably one of … Continue reading

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10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today Grace and I have been married for 10 years. T-E-N years! It seems like a long time from when we vowed our “I do’s” to each other, but it went really fast. From our 1BR apartment in Forest Hills … Continue reading

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In rushing to get my passport renewed, I ran out last night to get my photo taken at a local CVS. In 2027 I need to remind myself to shave and take my photo in the morning.

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Kindergarten Algebra

I was pretty upset when I was helping CJ with his math homework this afternoon because he basically had to solve a math problem along the lines of 7 – 2 – x = 3. Really? For a five year … Continue reading

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Jiu-Jitsu Fight Club

I’m on the wrong side of my 30’s, so it was about time that I take up some martial arts self-defense training. One of my few life regrets is not being immersed in martial arts training when I was young … Continue reading

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I’m 36?!

Yesterday, I was 35 years old. Today, I am 36 years old. Therefore I am officially old. Turning 30 was no big deal for me. 35 was fine. 36? It’s over for me. All my youthful years are gone and … Continue reading

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I’m going to be 36 tomorrow. That’s all I have to say.

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Earlier today I fell down the stairs at home. I had just gotten home from work, gone upstairs and changed into my sweats and socks, and then proceeded to walk down the stairs. Well, after the first top step all … Continue reading

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11 Years Ago

This never gets old. Last night we celebrated my 11-year proposal to Grace in the smallest of ways by eating creme brulee from The French Workshop in Bayside. It was very good…and so has been our marriage. I love you, … Continue reading

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