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No Stop Caleb

So CJ has been successfully able to spell his name correctly recently. I don’t know what words he should be learning, but over the weekend I randomly asked him to spell “stop” and to our surprise he got it correct … Continue reading

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Dancing Airplanes

Yesterday, CJ’s class had an airplane performance in which they sang two songs. CJ made a wonderful costume and was proud of his propeller hat, but Grace and I were relieved that he at least didn’t cry. Progress 🙂

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8 Years

Wow, I can’t believe Grace and I have been married for 8 blissful years. We haven’t aged at all, ha! I feel like our marriage has been segmented into three phases of our lives based on location and circumstance. First … Continue reading

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Firefighter Museum

Like most boys, CJ loves firetrucks. So when he was invited to his friend’s birthday party at the Firefighter Museum in Long Island, he was so excited. The Firefighter Museum is attached to the Aviation Museum, so there were some … Continue reading

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This past Monday registration for NYC’s free Universal Pre-K program opened up. It’s a simple online process of just inputting basic information and then searching for and listing our top 12 choices. We’re thankful that there are many UPK programs … Continue reading

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Last month we went to Fairway Supermarket out in Douglaston to pick up a few months supply of gluten and egg free french toast sticks for CJ. He can not eat almost an entire box in one week, so we … Continue reading

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First Park Day of the Year

Last Wednesday the weather was gorgeous, like 50 degrees, so Grace and I took the kids out to the park to play and hang out with the Au’s. This was EJ’s first time on a swing and she really enjoyed, … Continue reading

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Why No More Posts No One Ever Asked

I’ve been extremely exhausted the past couple of weeks from parenting and school work. So instead of posting, I took an unexpected break and all I’ve been doing is bingeing on one video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But I think I’m … Continue reading

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Look, Sushi!

On Saturday, we went to the Long Island Children’s Museum. We hadn’t been there since our first visit two years ago and it’s amazing to see how big CJ has grown since then. Fishing for fish in a sand pond. So … Continue reading

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