[You like my ghetto MS Paint skills? I love how I covered up the guarantor, but the name is in the title…lol]

So I have a balance of $0.22…practically finished paying off my education loans. Yay. A bit anti-climatic after nine years of fact-of-life monthly payments, but it’ll be a good extra $150 per month in my bank account, albeit while paying slightly more taxes because of having less loans.

Looking back and trying to evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of paying tens of thousands of dollars to an institution for a degree that I am not using today is quite difficult to swallow. I graduated with a financial economics degree, yet I’m teaching math. Somewhat related, but a pure math degree would have been more helpful in more ways than one. When speaking to my students about college, I often quote many statistics about those with college degrees earning more than high school grads, and so on. However, I often wonder what percent of graduates are actually using their degree within their degree’s intended field. I know I’m not part of that statistic. In any case, the real issue lies within figuring out if college is worth the cost, for one accumulates massive amounts of debt, it doesn’t guarantee a job, it isn’t necessary for many decent jobs, and not everyone can handle the pressure. That’s a very expensive list of what-ifs and wishful thinking. Now this is not to say that there aren’t those who greatly benefit from their education and degree, for I am jealous and commend those for being direct and knowing what they wanted to do from the outset. Kudos to them.

Nonetheless, on the contrary, I would say that college is priceless. Yes, the chance of not using what one learns in class is very high, but the experience and growth that comes with the degree is worth so much more than the monetary price of tuition, room, and books. Among many things, creating lasting friendships and being able to form and solidify a comfortable identity is worth so much more than any job or career. That’s what makes college so fun. It’s quite liberating. For me, college is where I was able to freely experience the gospel, meet my future wife, and indirectly start off as a teacher. From a consumerist standpoint, I think I made out quite well 🙂

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