The Worst Thing About This Job Is That Nobody Says Thank You

I like being a teacher. I didn’t always feel that way, but now I do. I want to say that I love being a teacher, but I’d be lying in the midst of an imperfect and flawed profession. I think the only profession I’ll completely love is being a father. In any case, everyone knows being a teacher is a difficult job, but everyone would rather focus on our six-hour work days, the holidays, and summer vacations. Everyone says they respect teachers and the importance of the next generation’s education, but everyone would rather focus on how our union is seemingly against change and improvement. Most people hate teachers. They think our lives are all peachy and perfect, that it’s a power trip in which all we do is teach and grade homework and tests and call it a day at 3pm. If you genuinely understand and empathize with teachers, then you are of a rare American breed.

It’s not an easy job. Being responsible to shape and grow kids and young adults is a serious and huge endeavor. Whenever someone tells me that they could never do what I do, I smile in agreement because I know they can’t. It’s one of the most underappreciated professions, but then again, is there such a profession that is adequately appreciated? I’m sure everyone thinks what they do is underappreciated. So then we’re all in the same boat…but not really. Maybe the same boat as nurses. Ha.

I was perusing my favorite film site,, and I came across this trailer for Detachment, a film staring Adrien Brody that’s about the lives of teachers and students through the eyes of a substitute teacher. Looks dramatic and inspiring, but I fear that it may fall into the cliche where love is the answer to all of life’s problems. Nonetheless I hope to identify with some of what the film portrays, for I’ve had my classroom look like his at 1:58.

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