Uncanny Suhu

Me, February 1981

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CJ, January 2012


The wife with her Halmoney

The first photo is of me most likely less than a month old being held by my grandfather. The following two photos is of my son, CJ, the moose. It may be a bit difficult to see, but there is an uncanny resemblance between the two of us. The photo of me turning my head to my left with my mouth open and one eye closed is exactly what CJ does when he’s hungry and turns his head from side to side. Immediately when he was born, the wife and I knew that he looked like me cause of the nose (sorry son), and most people agree. So that got me thinking, if he has my nose, and I believe that looks are based around the nose, let me verify this with my own infant photos because most people rarely look anything like their infant-selves.

When my sister sent us that photo, my wife and I were blown away because we’ve seen that face everyday for the past week. It’s like one of those freaky time travel or horror movies where one of the characters has been photographed in the past.

The last photo is of the wife and her grandmother. The only resemblance of her and CJ is that of her eyes.

In any case, what do you think? Take the following poll and chime in on the resemblance, or lack thereof.

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