Zombie Circles

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I did my second run last night and although I’m happy that I was able to run for a longer distance, I was in a ton of pain. My calves were killing me half way into my run. I’m pretty sure that they’re not injured, yet, but it’s sad that my calf muscles are weak and are underperforming. Other than that, I think I did pretty well. I’m sure that if not for the calf pain, I could have certainly gone longer. I’m also satisfied that I figured out three things about myself:

  • I can run better and longer when I run at 50% my speed as opposed to 75%. Although I felt that I was running in slow motion, there was a woman that was speed walking in front of me and we were basically keeping our distance…so sad, I didn’t feel as winded as last time. So instead of a lack of stamina, I think part of my running restraint is in my calf pain.
  • I run better when listening to 80’s music. The last time I was listening to a techno channel on Pandora and that was just lame. So I switched it up last night to an 80’s pop channel and all felt well.
  • I run flat-footed. I thought I was a heel runner, but it’ quite obvious that my feet land flat when running. This will help me in deciding what type of shoe to purchase.

I hope I can reach 2 miles while lowering my time per mile within a week, but I’m not sure I can reach that point yet if my calves continue to hurt. Perhaps I should purchase better sneakers sooner than later.

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