This morning I drove my wife and a friend into Manhattan. We left at 7:20 and as expected from 1010 Wins, we were immediately hammered as we got on the LIE. We were going at a reasonable pace given that we were in the service lane and as we looked over to our side, we were able to see how packed Queens Blvd was near Queens Center, so we certainly made the right move. I then called my friend who had already driven into LIC and he said it was insane anywhere remotely close to the entrance of the 59th St. bridge. So we veered right and took the BQE to the Williamsburg bridge which was a real win for us. We breezed through on the highway and over to Chinatown, and it was clear sailing from there on up because the traffic lights were out. It was sort of like a raceway. We got up to 68th & York in five minutes from the bridge. Excellent timing.

I took the 59th St. bridge back which, aside for 10 minutes of traffic getting on, I was back home in no time. Bloomberg announced later today that for Thursday and Friday, he’s only allowing HOV vehicles with 3 or more persons onto the bridges because they’re all jammed with most tunnels being closed.

On a side note, I get tomorrow off, but I have to report back on Friday while students have the rest of the week off. Fair enough I suppose.

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