My BATMAN #1 Review

Every comic fan knows that titles are released every Wednesday. A few weeks ago I wanted to purchase DC’s Detective Comics #1 (which is really a Batman title), but I waited until my week was finished on Friday to trek over to my comic book store to pick it up…and it was sold out. I was furious. Fortunately it received disappointing reviews, and the store has ordered more 1st printings that should arrive in the beginning of October. In any case, today Batman #1 came out and I learned my lesson. I drove straight to the comic store after work and scored a mint copy. And I must say…I was very satisfied with this Batman characterization.

Aside from my obsession with Batman, I was excited for this particular title because I’m familiar with the artist, Greg Capullo, who had drawn Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series exclusively after Mr. McFarlane resided to writing and other corporate opportunities in the mid-90’s. Over his tenure with Spawn, I watched his artistic skills improve and flourish, bypassing the great McFarlane himself in all aspects of detail and composition. However, what my eyes feasted on in this issue was different, more imaginative and a bit anime-ish, but still dark. I liked it.

What was more of a gamble for me was the writer, Scott Snyder, for I was not familiar with him at all. I was, however, thankful that Grant Morrison was not the writer because although I do like his Batman, his storytelling and plots are incoherent and sloppy. So I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed this newcomer’s Batman tale. He doesn’t write a mysterious Batman as The Animated Series depicts him as, but more of a detective, an obsessed detective that is not easily distracted from his mission. I also loved the atmosphere of the book, how he personifies Gotham, and how he surrounds Bats with an intelligent supporting cast, including G.C.P.D. We get to see Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and even Bruce’s real son, Damien Wayne, as well as Commissioner Gordon.

As long as Capullo and Snyder team up, I have high hopes for this series. My score is a:

9 out of 10

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