Champion’s Taekwondo: Lesson 1

My friend convinced me to purchase a $39 Groupon for 15 Taekwondo lessons and a uniform at Champion’s Taekwondo in Bayside. Since I do my own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, this was obviously for CJ. Of course, CJ was anxious going into this. He is very self-conscious and does not enjoy being put on the spot and being stared at. But I really wanted CJ to try something new that may improve his self-esteem. So although he was apprehensive about starting taekwondo, he was still willing to try.

For the first half of the 30 minute class, CJ hesitantly followed the instructor’s directions and looked as if he was ready to cry at any moment.

But he never gave up and seemed to warm up to Instructor Mike while also earning his uniform. What a relief, lol!

The class seems to be a combination of physical fitness and life discipline centered around taekwondo, which is fine. I suppose I can’t expect much from a class of five-year olds. I’m so proud of CJ because I never had to the guts to take any martial arts classes when I was young. Hopefully this will open the door to more activities that he’ll be interested in trying.

CJ ended up having so much fun that he’s been practicing the moves since we got home and can’t wait to return later this week. Ai-ya!!! And of course EJ now wants to join too.

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