Happy 3rd Birthday to Captain Elyse!

Happy 3rd birthday to my cute little daughter! She gives me a lot of headaches, but she makes me laugh so much. I’ve always said I wanted one boy and one girl, and I figured the girl would be a typical girl, whatever that means, but EJ is far from the typical girl.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She’s so bold, independent, and funny, I couldn’t have asked for a more unique and lovable girl than her.

I am amazed at how articulate and adamant she can be in describing and pursuing what she wants. And her punches and face smacks are a testament to her fierceness.

Too bad CJ cut her off.

I am so proud and joyful to be her father, and my single prayer is for EJ to use her stubbornness and sense of humor to love Jesus and courageously bring others to Christ. I love you, my daughter.

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