10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Today Grace and I have been married for 10 years. T-E-N years! It seems like a long time from when we vowed our “I do’s” to each other, but it went really fast. From our 1BR apartment in Forest Hills to our house with two kids. Wow! I’m really speechless as I struggle to write this post. The ten year long journey fills my mind with too many memories of Grace and I for me to recall and count. We’ve experienced so much of our lives together that I am amazed at all the things that God has graciously allowed to fill our hearts with. Ten years is pretty huge as it is a testament to God’s abounding and overflowing grace to allow us to remain happily married as it is no small feat to have the lives of two sinners intersect and unite as one and stay as one for so long. Sometimes I still wonder why Grace wanted to marry me, but being married to her is the best thing I ever asked anyone to do. To come alongside me and walk life together can be scary, for the journey is not all sunshine and roses everyday, but it’s my life, my marriage, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I love you, honey. To another ten more years and beyond.

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