DIY: Thermocouple

So recently my furnace has been going in and out every three to five days. I’d wake up freezing in the morning which is an indicator that the pilot light was off, so I’d go down to the basement with the candle lighter and sit on the floor for two minutes while holding the pilot light knob in to make sure it would stay on.

In such cases a new thermocouple is most likely what’s needed to fix this problem because it tells the furnace to continue to let out gas if there is a flame, and in my case the thermocouple was telling the furnace to stop releasing gas because it could not register a flame even though there was one. I learned all this from my buddy #NormanY.

So after spending a good amount of time trying to figure out how to wiggle the bracket out without breaking anything, there it was. And you can see on the left how burnt the tip of the thermocouple was, so it definitely needed replacement.

Unscrewing the other end of the old thermocouple was simple.

Here you can see the differences between the old and new thermocouples.

Screwing the thermocouple into the furnace was easy, but getting it into the bracket and staying at the right height took some time.

I put everything back and screwed the bracket into place, but in doing so I accidentally lowered the thermocouple.

I tried the pilot light and it wouldn’t stay on, so I painfully pulled the thermocouple up a little higher as I initially had it and the pilot light stayed on.

And then fire 🔥!!!

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