CJ received his second report card for kindergarten and Grace and I are so proud of our son. We’ve always suffered from the fear that CJ will be at an academic disadvantage because of his age relative to his immediate peers. We know that as he progresses the gap will decrease and eventually become non-existent, but it’s difficult because we live in such a cutthroat and prejudice society that looks down on the uneducated. Yet, God is slowly allaying those fears and showing us what it looks like to allow God to work within his own timing.

We’re shocked and so thankful that CJ is the best reader in his class. He’s the only student who is at level F/G/H when the common core standard is at level C. WOW! This is also a testament to how much Grace sits down with CJ for him to read night after night after night to her. And his mathematics skills aren’t too shabby either. He gets frustrated sometimes, but he can certainly add and subtract mentally with the numbers 1-10. YES!

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  1. Helen Suhu says:

    I am SO SO proud of my Caleb!!! You guys are doing a great job with him! God bless!

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