A Bunch of Movie Reviews: Logan | John Wick 2 | Lego Batman Movie | Rogue One

I watched Logan last night and it was okay. I don’t think it was as great as many critics praise it for, but I can see why they did so. It’s definitely a good ending to Jackman’s Wolverine, but his relationship in this film with the little girl was lacking and should have been much deeper, connected, and relational for longer than when it finally materializes. Sadly, it was predictable. I totally called the ending. But at least this is the best Wolverine film we’ll probably ever get. And yes, I saw a little bit of EJ and I in the film.

John Wick 2 was pretty good. I enjoyed how the story progresses for Wick and how it expands the entire universe and shows us just how large the world of assassins really is. But I was surprised that I didn’t find the gun-fu as creative and fun as the first film, which I think is still better than its sequel.

I forgot to give a brief review of The Lego Batman movie when I posted about taking CJ to watch it. I thought it was okay. I appreciated all the calls to the numerous Batman iterations over the past half century, but that’s about it. It gets a little convoluted during the last third of the film, and it really didn’t have a catchy song or tune like the first Lego Movie. But CJ enjoyed, so cool.

Now this…Rogue One was amazing! After watching it on opening night, I was completely blown away and couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just watched. The story was gritty, exciting with tons of action, connected episodes III and IV very well, and it showed that Star Wars didn’t need anyone with a lightsaber to rise to fight the rebellion. This film renewed my faith in the Star Wars franchise…until the next film, lol!

I’m sure I saw a whole ton of other movies over the past 12 months that I can’t really remember, like Sicario (really good!), Deadpool (really hilarious), Hell or High Water (a little boring), Batman V Superman (a mess), Suicide Squad (dumb fun), Captain America: Civil War (best superhero film ever!), Doctor Strange (eh), X-Men: Apocalypse (terrible), Ghostbusters (what were they thinking?!), Star Trek Beyond (fun), and Jason Bourne (disappointing), so the above four films will have to suffice for now.

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