Jiu-Jitsu Fight Club


I’m on the wrong side of my 30’s, so it was about time that I take up some martial arts self-defense training. One of my few life regrets is not being immersed in martial arts training when I was young because it would have given my self-esteem a huge boost. Well, better late than never.

So why jiu-jitsu? It’s the most practical in a street fight and is quite popular these days in the UFC. Plus I loved the 2011 film Warrior and UFC fighter Conor McGregor is addictive to follow in his quest to be the best UFC fighter, although he’s more of a striker than mat guy.


There was some interest from church folks and my basement is sufficient enough to host a small group for rolling, so why not? I cleared the basement, we bought a few gymnastic mats, a legitimate Gracie Combative course, two experienced teachers, and training began last week.


We’re literally rolling and mounting on top of one another while learning how to maneuver and close our opponent’s range to minimize their striking capabilities and pin them into submission.


We got some great teachers who really know what they’re doing.


And of course, I was the first one in our group last night to get injured with an accidental strike to my left eye which was really excruciating.

I’m okay with slight numbness. Not much of a shiner. Yes mom, I will be careful.

After three classes I can do all of the above. And hopefully with more practice I’ll be able to do these maneuvers with speed and precision.

And I can also do the americana for a submission move. Of course it’ll get more complex and require more dedication as I work my way up to a blue belt, but perhaps, maybe, I’ll be able to go for a real exam and really earn that blue belt. Ha! #sweeptheleg

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