Daddy…What Happens Next?


We’ve been weary of bringing our kids to watch a movie in a theater mostly because of the insane cost of tickets and food. Well, this week CJ and I had the week off from school and I was free on Tuesday which is when the College Point Multiplex theater has discounted $8.75 tickets all day, so I suppose it wasn’t going to get any better than that. I also wanted to watch a movie with him that I was semi-interested in and The Lego Batman Movie was good enough for the both of us.


CJ couldn’t wait to get to the theater and eat popcorn because I suppose that’s what’s expected of a moviegoer in CJ’s eyes. And although I’m sure he didn’t get 80% of the jokes, CJ definitely had a grand time. The coolest thing was that he kept making so much noise. He’d say something was cool, or ask me what was going to happen next, or he would slurp his icee really loudly. He was really into the whole experience. Well, next up are Grandpa and Grandma because they promised they would watch Trolls with him.

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2 Responses to Daddy…What Happens Next?

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    Sure, grandma and grandpa can take him to the next movie!! We look forward to doing that with him…let me know when. Saturdays are good for me…

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