The Pilot


Yesterday I woke up to a cold house. I programmed my thermostat to turn on my old furnace at 5am every morning to give it some time to begin heating the house so that my toilet seat won’t be too cold when I awake, or rather when EJ wakes me up, at 6am. It’s obvious that the furnace is old, I think at least 40 years old, but it just had to be busted under my watch.


I had no idea what the problem could be. This was something I wanted fixed right away, but I was weary of playing around with such an important piece of the house. So I ripped the front panel cover off to finally get a clean look of what was hiding behind the curtain.


I decided to text a bunch of guys I knew who were house owners and asked them what my options were, and thankfully one guy told me to manually light the pilot light.


So I turned the knob to pilot, pushed and held the knob in, and was instructed to stick a bbq/candle lighter into that hole. WHAT?! I could hear gas being released when the knob was pushed in, so I was scared, but ok. I really half expected for my face to be blown off, but it worked! A fire lit and it stayed lit, and the furnace was able to be turned off and back on without any more problems. We had heat again! YES!img_5439

I also had to unscrew and detach some of the sliding doors from the closet because it was just too tight of a space to put the front panel of the furnace back on. And Grace also reminded me that something always happens Sunday morning, something always ruins our Sunday morning to hinder us from preparing our hearts for Sunday worship. Definite spiritual warfare…playing with fire. But I’m so thankful for friends!

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