Earlier today I fell down the stairs at home. I had just gotten home from work, gone upstairs and changed into my sweats and socks, and then proceeded to walk down the stairs. Well, after the first top step all I remember is fear and pain. I slipped and as I slid hard on my backside down the stairs a bunch of questions flooded my mind. Why was this happening? How come I can’t stop myself? The piano is getting closer! I was able to stop myself midway, but I must have stopped hard with my left arm because my left arm and shoulder was in a lot of pain. So much pain that I considered going to an urgent care to get it x-rayed to see if it was dislocated or pulled. I could barely lift it, but the wife said to suck it up and take two advil and to ice it. It feels significantly better now, but it’s still sore. And to think that I’m always telling my kids not to run and to be careful going down the stairs, ha!

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