So one of the most important questions I’ve always had as a father is when to start letting CJ play real video games. As a gamer, I wholeheartedly advocate for the use of video gaming as an educational and growth tool for children. Among many things, video games allows the child to develop hand-eye coordination, quick thinking and reflexes, multitasking, cognitive problem solving skills, risk-taking, and best of all perseverance and grit. Games are written to be difficult, but only to a certain degree, and it is within this range that allows the gamer to learn, adapt, and grow as a problem solver. I firmly believe that gaming played a significant part in the development of my perseverance because if not for as such, I certainly wouldn’t be a teacher today.

So on Saturday CJ and I had some downtime together as EJ and Grace napped. So I finally introduced him to a few Super Nintendo games such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time. The original 8-bit Nintendo games can be grueling and merciless and Super Nintendo games have better themes, so I chose the later. And to my relief CJ did exceedingly well. Of course he couldn’t progress far and kept dying within the first few minutes of each play through, but I was thoroughly impressed that he became familiar with the controls and slowly was able to adapt and get further into each game as he kept practicing. This is exactly what I hoped for and I can’t wait to teach and play with him many times more.

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