Fear of the Caulk


I have a small fear of caulk. When I first got married, we moved into a one-bedroom apartment that had a round sink in the bathroom that was above the countertop. So whenever water got on the countertop from the sink, it would touch the caulk that helped hold the sink in place on the countertop which would increase the growth of mould.


So every year I always battled the caulk by cutting it out and putting new caulk, but it was very difficult to get a smooth and uniform layer because it was round.


So after moving into this house I dreaded and procrastinated recaulking our main shower.


But I finally had some free time and was glad to have a relatively easy time caulking lines as opposed to curves. Now I have to clean the shower walls a little better.


I also recently noticed the kitchen cabinet above the vent fan was very cold because of unsealed holes from around the vent.


I sealed it with some insulation, but I then realized that the cabinet is still cold because the vent itself isn’t insulated. This I don’t have, so the next time I’m at Home Depot I will have to search for some vent insulation.

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