Happy 5th Birthday, Son!

Happy Birthday, CJ! I can’t believe I’ve been a father for five long years, ha! I vividly remember after he was born and Grace was being discharged, we signed some papers and the hospital escorted us out and that was it. We were simply charged to take care of this new baby. Oh, how CJ has changed our lives forever. Parenting is the most difficult endeavor I have ever been tasked with as it comes with an infinite amount of frustrations and pains, but it’s also the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of my life. Watching CJ grow into the boy is definitely an accomplishment for Grace and I, but more so he is part of God’s grace to us.

My heart is filled with numerous memories that I can’t remember all of them. This year CJ was hospitalized for eight days and made a full recovery. He graduated from pre-k and currently loves kindergarten. With his love for reading, writing, and mathematics, and being a great listener, he earned his teacher’s favor and was awarded the very first Student of the Month award for his class. With the new house we encouraged him to take his own room, but he insisted in rooming with his sister. CJ has now shown himself to express himself in honest and frank ways, and he’s not afraid to let us know that he’s upset or just bored. He more recently has become brave in singing and performing body worship in front of our church, and he loves the Power Rangers. And he finally outgrew his gluten allergy, that was huge! CJ has grown so much and we can’t be more proud of him.

Grace and I are so thankful for God’s grace through CJ and EJ, and pray that they will grow to trust and love Jesus in all parts of their lives.

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