Johnny Drain

I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn’t think it’d start three months into house ownership. A few days ago the drain pit in the basement that houses the main water trap began to fill with water whenever we used water and it would slowly recede. Thankfully the water never reached the top of the pit, but it could have if, say, we showered and did laundry at the same time. I gave it a few days hoping it’d clear itself up because this actually happened back in July and after a few days it was miracously fine. But this wasn’t the case.

 Before calling a plumber, I Amazon primed a cheap hand operated snake hoping that would do the trick, but after snaking ten feet I got stuck (yeah man, real gross stuff!). So I asked some friends for local advice and found five star yelp reviews for one guy named Johnny Drain, lol! He came over within 90 minutes at night and snaked 30 feet to my street and cleared out a bunch of garbage and roots that were doing the blockage. The yelp reviewers said he was a real nice guy, and he was. And I didn’t have to pay $400-$500 as I was quoted from Roto Rooter and another plumber. Johnny only charged me $185, ha! Still a steep price, but he got the job done…and he gave me two new plugs!


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