Plants vs Matt


So with the house Grace and I were gifted a pumpkin patch in our own backyard. Back in May this particular corner of the yard was just bare with soil as the sellers said they used it as a compost pile. They surrounded it with a short wall of bricks and that was that. But as the summer arrived we noticed progressive growth with what appeared to be zucchinis. Then last month we observed that these vegetables were round and orange…pumpkins?! Very cool as we could simply pick our own pumpkins from our very own backyard for Halloween. Well, little did we know that pumpkin patches are very aggressive to the point where it was overflowing and overtaking more of the backyard. This needed some attending to. IMG_4310

So after watching a couple of youtube videos, I went after this overgrowth and pruned the dead branches(?) also with, unfortunately, some healthy parts as well. But I made sure that I didn’t take off anything that was growing a pumpkin. That’s a lot of plant! I bought some short fencing from Home Depot and linked them together to help fence in the patch as it continues to grow (I forgot to take a photo).


CJ counted five, but I’m sure there are a few more pumpkins in the center and back of the patch. You can now call me Farmer Suhu.

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2 Responses to Plants vs Matt

  1. Janina421 says:

    LOL – guess the previous owners composted pumpkin seeds last year! But hopefully nothing like weeds or other crazy invasive plants… Enjoy your garden!

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