Bussing It


For the first I took the bus yesterday as my sole mode of transportation to work. Grace was off from work and needed the car to drop CJ off at summer camp, so I took the MTA into work. I’ve always driven or taken the subway to work and occasionally caught a bus as a quick alternative to walking after the subway. But I’ve never bussed such a long distance as I did from Bayside to Elmhurst before, and with two transfers too. I caught the Q30 a couple of blocks from my house along Horace Harding and rode that for several stops and then waited and transferred for the Q88 that took me the rest of the way over Flushing Meadow park via the LIE and into Elmhurst by way of Junction Blvd and landed me behind Queens Center mall. The rides were relatively quick, but it was the walking that killed my commute. Door to door it took an hour to arrive to work which isn’t bad at all, but if not for the walking it would take me only 45 minutes. It’s nice, but I can imagine when the school year begins my commute will be much more crowded and slower.

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