I Know A Guy


This is from a few weeks ago after our contractor finished finishing the floors and I covered up the floor to prepare for the arrival of the appliances and movers.


So yes, I’m one of those people who knows a Chinese guy that can get cheap stuff for cash. My friends connected me to someone who used to own a storefront business, but now just operates without it. I simply texted him for prices of the appliances we were interested in and he was able to quote me $400-$500 cheaper than the lowest current retail price for the refrigerator and range, and I got $20-$100 off each of the dishwasher, hood, and microwave. With no tax and free delivery, this was a must-buy.

I met him for the first time when he arrived with the appliances and he only asked that I have friends help us bring everything in. Curtis and Rob graciously offered to help me and it was nice to have the physical and moral support around. The appliance guy is a very nice gentlemen and was quick, efficient, and knowledgeable of the business. He came prepared with a fancy dolly with treads on the back so that it could slide up steps, he unhinged my front screen door and took apart and put back all of the refrigerator doors so that it could fit through the entrance. And…he prepared all of the completed rebate forms with copies of receipts in addressed envelopes for me. Such a nice guy! He also can order televisions, lol!


I’m very pleased with the appliances as they can get very pricey. Sometimes when I take a look at our unfinished kitchen, I just stare at the Samsung refrigerator that has a water dispenser, ice maker, and a showcase door that allows you access to the contents inside the refrigerator door without opening the actual door. HAHAHAHA…yeah.

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