No More Lessons


Yesterday was the last day of classes before regents exams began. This academic year was tough. Learning and writing new lessons each night for a new geometry curriculum, driving CJ to school almost every morning before work, searching for and buying a house, selling our co-op, and now renovating the house…and the calendar year isn’t even over yet, ha! It’s a real relief that at least I can have this almost 3-month break to take a breath and restart before it all begins again in September. This will give me a nice chunk of time to help us move in and settle into the house once it’s finished. But in all the craziness, it’s sad that when I felt intense pressure or stress, what ended up suffering the most were my students. When it came down to it, if I needed to cut something out I tended to shave a little off with my classes. I know I didn’t try my best and I hope that in September my game can return to its peak teaching form again.


Yet, I must have worked hard enough to make a good impression on some of my students. I had a difficult time with a handful of kids this year, but there was a larger group of kids that I really had fun with. They were invested in their learning and were respectful, so I was able to relax and have fun with them. I made them take three mock regents exams and most of them did fairly to surprisingly well, so hopefully they will show me what they learned this Friday. We shall see.

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