Lawn Mower Man


So in the name of saving money, specifically $35 a month, I purchased a lawn mower, trimmer, and blower to help maintain our beautiful landscape. I did extensive research and ended up choosing an electric corded mower because gas is just too smelly and expensive to maintain, and all batteries will eventually die out. I know the extension cord will get in the way and annoy me, but I think it’s the lesser annoyance out of all three.


I’ve never fully mowed a lawn, but I’ve done a ton of vacuuming in my present lifetime, so it wasn’t too bad. I actually think I did a pretty good job for a first-timer, lol!


After about 40 minutes and over three bags of grass, I was done. Thank goodness the weather has been unusually cool as of late, or I don’t think I’d be as satisfied as I am now. Fun stuff for a house owner, lol!

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